Forex MTN is a very simple indicator that is useful for both trading styles: scalping and intraday. Indicator Forex MTN is very universal and can be traded on any currency pair and any timeframe. You must take into consideration that such a basic tool is better to use as a supplement or addition to the main trading system.

Features of the Forex MTN Indicator
Platform: MetaTrader4
Currency pairs: all of them
Trading Time: whole day
Timeframe: any

I think Forex MTN Indicator is intuitive enough and does not require further explanation, however I will give you rules when and how to open the trades.

  • Open Buy on the next candle after the blue circle. Exit when there appeared a red circle.
  • Open Sell on the next candle after the red circle. Exit when there appeared a blue circle.


In the archives you will find following files:

Forex MTN free download: