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Is Xmaster Formula MT4 A Good Forex No Repaint Indicator?

xmaster formula mt4 no repaint indicator format ex4

Xmaster Formula Indicator is, without a doubt, a very popular forex mt4 indicator that gives highly profitable and accurate trend trading signals. It is the perfect match for almost any forex strategy, both long and short term, like intraday trading, swing trading or scalping. These buy and sell signals are easy to follow, just watch […]

The One Reason Why Traders Fail And Lose Money

Tremendous amounts of money can be made from trading. While profits are there for you to take, it’s more important to learn how to avoid losing money. Over the years, I’ve seen hundreds of traders come and go. I’m constantly amazed at how few of them take a moment to stop and see where they’re […]

Winning streaks and Wasted Profits: The Mindset of a Trader

That sounds dramatic but that’s trading for you – full of drama. Have you ever experienced making a decent profit, getting excited about it, losing it all again and spending a sleepless night? If you have, you’d know what I’m talking about. It happened with me more than once and i know how it feels. […]