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Cute Point and Figure Indicator

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Installation Guide

Cute_PnF_indicator_v1.1_for_4_digits_MT4.zip or
Cute_PnF_indicator_v1.1_for_5_digits_MT4.zip file
.using ZIP or WINRAR to the desktop

Place the Cute_PointAndFigure.ex4 file into the MT4 indicators folder:
(e.g. C:\Program Files\RealTrader4\experts\indicators)

Then put the below files into the MT4 templates :
(\folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\RealTrader4\templates


Now run MetaTrader and open a new chart

Select M1 timeframe(M1 timeframe is strongly recommended, because of charting accuracy and charting speed)

Right click anywhere on the chart. Go to “Template” and choose any template which starts  .with the name “Cute_PnF

If wry grid or even no grid appears on the chart, .try to press M5 and then again M1

To setup correct chart displaying left click on vertical scale line on the chart(right corner of chart) and drag down/up

Do the same like in step 8 for the timeline [١١]
.(axis(bottom of chart

When you’ll get the desired result with the look of [١٢]
your P&F chart – right click enywhere on the chart >>>
Properties(F8) >> under section “Common” check the
.box called “Scale fix” and press OK
Now you will be able to drag your P&F chart
.horizontally and vertically

That’s it! Now you have configured your MetaTrader to correctly display Point & Figure chart with the help of Cute Point and Figure indicator

If there still will be any problems with configuring and setuping indicator – don’t be angry, this is first release, so problems and bugs are conceivable


My indicators history

From the beginning of my friendship with Forex and Stocks – until this blog was born – I’ve tested a lot of strategies based on: MA’s(moving avarage), Bollinger Bands, Fractals, Stochastics, MACD, Parabolic SAR, CCI, Zig-Zag, Channel(figure) trading, support, resistance and much, much more

After hundreds of unlucky tries to find 100% profitable method(also called “holy grail”) in forex(stocks) – i concluded that there is no “holy grail”.(by the way – from the beginning, my brother LS had pessimistic view about “holy grail” and was talking me about that thousands of times

The main method which looked explainable and sometimes profitable for me was – support/resistance trading. In spite of it i wanted more accurate signal for “jump in” or closing the trade. Because of my trading style – 1h/4h charts – i was used to spent a lot of time opposite my PC monitor to understand whats going on the “stage”. Also that support/resistance lines at short period trading were so unclear and unstable… that was killing me

After a while – my sufferings were spotted – I discovered Point & Figure charting method. This kind of charting gave me clear(filtered) support/resistance image. Later i discovered the world of Point & Figure patterns, what gave me an opportunity to find accurate buy and sell signals

At the beginning i used classic Point & Figure drawing method – based on pencil & paper. Later, internet gave me special PnF MS EXCEL sheets. MS EXCEL was not bad, anyway the disadvantages were:importing/exporting market data and poor graphical side of charting

So, this is the way how i started programing of my own Point & Figure indicator for MetaTrader 4 with MQL4 language. I called this indicator – Cute Point & Figure indicator.

Cute Point and Figure Indicator free download:


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