Forex Executive

The Forex Executive is an indicator that provides you, the trader, with real time trading signals alerts and prepares you for a trade. All you have to do is input the recommendations you see and let the market move.

How to trade with the Forex Executive?

On the chart, you will see a recommendation for a long trade and a recommendation for a short trade. You will also see the suggested stop loss for each of the trades.

That’s it! So simple, you can leave your computer, watch TV and go anywhere you want. Let the market generate cash for you. Now, there are several important notes I would like to add in order to turn your trading from profitable, to super profitable! Let’s start.

First note:
The indicator signal software is built in a way that it locates the last received signal. Do nothing!

The recommendations refer to the previous candlestick. They relate to the previous candle because the indicator identifies the last candle where all necessary conditions existed. In this case, it identifies the previous candlestick.

Therefore, if you’ve applied the indicator on a chart and received arrows and recommendations for previous candlestick, ignore these recommendations and wait patiently for the next alert.

Second note:
The second and very important rule is regarding the way you should execute trades. After you’ve opened two pending orders, let the market work.

After a trade has been executed, you can count the pips you collect. But, if this trade has been closed with a profit you should cancel the second pending order and wait for the next alert to appear.

A detailed explanation of this rule:
When an alert appears, you will receive two recommendations for different market directions. You should set two pending orders and after a while one of these orders is executed. Let it work, and don’t cancel the other pending order yet. Only when this trade is closed with a profit, should you cancel the other open pending order.

Third note:
The third rule relates to cancelling both of the pending orders as soon as the market stops behaving normally.

This is why we will follow this rule:

If the pending orders have not been broken within 4 candlesticks after the alert, we will cancel our pending orders!

Fourth note:
The last emphasize I would like to make is about the specific times this indicator is recommended for use.

There are several times when this indicator is much recommended, and there is a time when it is advisable to avoid trading.

We will start by describing the time when we should avoid trading with Forex Executive: if an alert appears and you see on the chart that market has reached a strong resistance level, it is recommended not to enter a long trade.

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