Forex No Deposit Bonus

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The forex trading market offers a good way for people to make money. And it is even easier than getting into the market with Forex No Deposit Bonus Accounts. There was a time when Forex trading required you to work through a broker. Today, all you need is the right trading platform and knowledge about money supply and demand in different economies. You can trade in dozens of currencies with hundreds of currency pairs. What’s more, you don’t even need to invest your own money in the beginning while you are learning the ropes. Many investment platforms offer a bonus deposit balance that will allow you to trade in stock, without risking anything. You really have nothing to lose!

The Best Free Forex No-Deposit Bonuses 2019

Here is a list of some of the popular forex brokers with the no-deposit bonus.

Broker Bonus Expiry date
InstaForex $1000 No Deposit Bonus Available
XM Group $30 No Deposit Bonus Available
RoboForex $30 Welcome Bonus Available
FreshForex $2019 No Deposit Bonus Available
FxOpen $10 No Deposit Bonus Available
GrandCapital $500 No Deposit Bonus Available

Make Money in Forex Without Investment

People say that the number one rule of financial trading is that you need a good deal of investment to start. That is no longer true. You can start trading in the Forex market with as little as 100 dollars on a part-time basis. The key is to only make trades when you get a profit. If you know the market and study forecast accurately you can make a good steady income even with a small initial investment. Another good way to make money without investment is through a No-Deposit Forex Bonus account. These accounts allow you to trade without investing your own money and still create a regular income stream.

What is a No-Deposit Bonus?

Whether you are just entering the Forex markets or planning to trade in currencies in the future, the No-Deposit bonus can help you set up nice and easy. It is the key to understanding the Forex without risking any of your own, hard-earned money. If you discover that you have a knack for Forex trading and are a natural at it, you can invest your own money and take up Forex trading full time. If your trades don’t go as well as you hope, or you realize that Forex trading just isn’t for you, you can just close the account without paying anything. No loss, no gain.

The Popularity of No-Deposit Forex Bonus

Forex trading platforms are always coming up with new incentives and ways to attract investors to their platforms. They have tried the virtual currency accounts and Zero-fee for a month’s accounts. However, the no-deposit Forex accounts gained more popularity than any other incentives. No-Deposit Forex bonus accounts are aimed specifically at new investors who lack experience of the currency markets. They also attract investors who have the time to research markets, but can’t spare enough funds to really get into Forex. The No-Deposits bonus accounts allow investors to make a significant amount of money with virtually zero risks. This is precisely what makes them better than any other type of incentives.

The Risks in Forex Trading

Forex is a risky investment market that is not meant for people who cannot handle losses. There are millions of individual, retail and institutional traders trading daily in the Forex market but only a handful of traders actually find success. Beginners can use demo trading, and it does help them understand the risks in the market. However, demo trading does not replicate the real-life emotions and risks of live Forex trading. Many people turn apprehensive when they switch to real trading from demo accounts which affect their trading tactics. New traders are often unwilling to make trades because they don’t want to take the risk. This is where a Forex No-Deposit bonus can be useful. It works for both amateurs and more experienced traders. The No-Deposit bonuses are in high demand in the FX market, but there are only a few online brokers that actually offer this facility for new accounts. Let’s take a closer look at how No-Deposit bonus accounts work, and which platforms currently offer the best No-Deposit Forex trading in the market.

How Do Forex No-Deposit Accounts Work?

Traditional Forex Accounts require you to deposit a sum of money into the account before you can start trading. The minimum balance can be $500, $1,000 or $5,000 depending on the broker. Once an investor has deposited the balance, the broker makes a commission on every trade that’s carried out through that account. This commission is the main source of income for the broker. In this type of traditional account, the depositor bears all the risk while the broker is guaranteed a return through commission. In No-Deposit bonus accounts, the investor is not required to make an initial deposit and receives a bonus amount from the broker. This balance can be used for trading normally as if the investor deposited the money. You can also withdraw the balance without verification under the terms of the broker. If the depositor makes a profit through their trades, it belongs entirely to them. If they make a significant loss and lose all the initial deposit, they don’t have to pay anything. The broker bears the trading loss. The broker still collects a commission on the transactions which can compensate some of the costs for giving out the initial bonus to depositors.

Why Forex Brokers Offer No-Deposit Bonus?

It is evident from the model that brokers have everything to lose from the No-Deposit bonus and very little to gain. If a new investor makes risky trades for a greater return and the bet pays off, they can increase their balance significantly. If the bet fails, the broker bears the cost and they walk away without losing anything. So why do brokers offer the No-Deposit Bonus? There are two main reasons. The first is from a marketing perspective. Brokers that offer a no-deposit bonus usually get higher visibility on broker comparison platforms. No-Deposit bonus is a huge attraction for both new and seasoned traders. The bonus brings more traders to the broker’s platform and increases their earning potential compared to its competitors. The second reason is that of all the traders that invest through the broker, some win and some lose. Brokers hopes that the big winners will continue trading through the platform while earning them commission in the process. People who win the first few trades are also likely to deposit their own funds into the accounts to scale their winnings.

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