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I have named this forex trading strategy a “FX Matrix Pro”. It is based on couple of indicators collected from around the web. I would like to thank those trading communities for sharing them and I hope they don’t mind using them in my system.

Why to use Fx Matro Pro system?
I am a trend trader. The golden rule is “trend is your friend” as you propably heard it already somewhere. However personally I take short rides with it, because my account size is not big so I can not really afford huge loss or big stoploss. So I use maximum 10-20 SL for each trade. When it comes to timeframes I mainly choose 1M or 5M. This is becouse the TF>bigger the SL>bigger the loss and smaller the TF>smaller the SL>smaller the loss. So this system suits my own needs and desires. Main goal of this strategy is catching and predicting trend. Take a look at the pictures and you see know how easy it is to define the trend and predict the next trend or even reversal.

Spotting the trend
This is how do I define the trend: If Standard Deviation Channels (SDC) are in the uptrend and SMA (period 20 with OHLC/4) is in the same direction then I call that a Uptrend.
If MA (Trend Alex – at the bottom), FXTraderPro T or R (at the very bottom) and other indicators (at top right corner) of different TF are green I call that a pure Uptrend and vice versa.
When I am confident with the trend I take trade. However it does not need to be a pure trend. If it is a pure trend I make my move more aggressively by increasing lot size. If I am not happy with the trend or it is a conflicting trend I stay out of the market and do not open any trade.

Rules for entry and exit the trades
When I am confident with the uptrend and Volty Channel Stop (VCS) shows me a white circle I take only Longs, but before I open any order I take a look at the 1M timeframe situation. In 1Min TF I must have VCS in the upward. If VCS is in the downward then I wait for the next white circle to appear in 1M TF to take my Long. And vice versa…

With 5M TF I set my SL 10-15 and I Exit my Position in the next signal. If I take Long, I exit when red circle appears in my 5M TF. And Vice Vers. From time to time I take a trades with SL 10, TP 10 and lot 0.1. Then I start increasing lot like 0.2, 0.4, 0.8 and so on until I hit my TP 10. I suggest you to do it after gaining some experience and when feeling comfortable with the system. This has proved to perform very well, becouse it is giving very good ratio of win and loss.

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