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Pet-D Scalping System

pet-d scalping system for mt4

The Pet-D scalping system is a forex trend momentum strategy based on the Pet-D indicator. This is an intraday forex system that also works with high low binary options. Trade it on M15 timeframe. For Binary Options trading, the expiry time is 3 or maximum 4 candles. MetaTrader Indicators included: Spud Fibo, RSI (14 period […]

Lucky Stars Trading System

The Lucky Stars is a trend-momentum intraday forex strategy based on Lucky Star VF indicator. This trading system also comes with an automatic pilot for the trade. Characteristics of the system: Currency pairs: majors or with low spreads. Timeframes: 5 min, 15 min, 30 min. Indicators involved: Lucky Star ZZ dist 1= 4, dist 2= […]

Xard Chart Trading System

The Xard Chart 2016 is an intraday forex strategy. The styles of trading with this system can be described as trend momentum, reversal and support and resistance. You should trade it on 5 min and 15 min timeframe and your favourite currency pairs. This system works on Metatrader 4 and include following indicators: MA4X-Bid Ratio […]

Forex King STS 2 Trading System

The Forex King STS 2 Strategy is a trend momentum trading system. The system is simple but very effective. It is made of following indicators: First indicator is EMA set to 365 (above bulls and below bears as you know). Second indicator is Zig Zag (it’s goal is to set stop loss). Third indicator is […]

Forex Dominion System

This system is designed to use the power of the Awesome Oscillator by Bill William. It combined with other two customized indicators and generated very high accuracy entry signal. It performed well on long timeframe such as 4H and daily. Three indicators combination and their purposes are: 1. The Awesome Oscillator determines the general direction […]

Verified Trader Full System

HOW DO I USE THE VERIFIED TRADER SYSTEM? BUY WHEN: The white Candlesticks are ABOVE the 2 EMA lines (Yellow and Gold). (Section 1) The momentum line is BELOW 100 BUT positively starting to move UPWARDS. (Section 2) Stoch Blue line starts to climb ABOVE the red line, at a sharper angle. (Section 3). SELL […]