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Forex Blau Balance Indicator

forex blau balance indicator

The Forex Blau Balance indicator is a custom no repaint buy sell signals forex oscillator. The indicator is displayed in a separate window just below your main trading chart. This indicator is a universal trading tool, as it generates both forex entry points and also exit points, so you will precisely know when to enter […]

Trend Scalper Indicator MT4

trend scalper indicator for mt4

The trend scalper indicator for MT4 is a perfect forex indicator for spotting scalping and short term intraday trading opportunities on any time frame of your choice. The full name of the indicator is Trend – scalp 1.01(mtf + arrows + alerts).ex4 This tool is composed of the popular T3 forex indicator. The trend scalper […]

Trend Entry Forex Template

trend entry forex template for mt4

This is the Trend Entry Forex Template, a good trend following template with indicator. You should look for buying opportunities when the price action is above the blue trendline and True Trend indicator has positive values (above 0 level and green colored), alternatively, you should look for selling opportunities when the price action is below […]

Win Max Pips Indicator

win max pips indicator for mt4

Win Max Pips Indicator was developed to help trend-following traders in recognizing and determining the current trend in the forex currency market. This indicator is very helpful as it clearly shows market conditions whether it is uptrend or downtrend and you can get accurate trade ideas based on the trend forecasts. The Win Max Pips […]

Forex Trend Dominator

Forex Trend Dominator

The Forex Trend Dominator system is comprised of indicators with primary colors to promote both brain and eye cognition. Busy charts are too overwhelming for the eyes and brain to quickly make decisions. Our trading software system serves to alleviate brain and eye overload. It aims for both auditory learners (35%) and visual learners (65% […]

Forex Wave Trading System

forex wave trading system

The Forex Wave Trading System also called as EMA Wave Trading System is a forex trend following strategy. Main concept behind this system is to trade on pullbacks during strong trends. Characteristics of the system: Currency pairs: majors, any. Timeframes: M1, M5, M15, M30. Indicators involved: 34 EMA High (green) 34 EMA Low (Red) 34 […]

Ape Scalping Trading System

The Ape Scalping is a trend-momentum forex system for scalping, intraday and swing trading. This is an great trading strategy. When applied correctly it can be real money making machine. Characteristics of the system: Timeframes: M15, M30, H1, H4, D1. Financial markets: any, but we recommend EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, AUD/USD and other pairs with […]

Instantaneous Trend Line Indicator for MT4

Instantaneous Trend Line Indicator

The Instantaneous Trend Line is a forex trend following indicator. It is displayed in the separate window below main trading chart. It consists of two lines – blue and red. The signals are generated on crossover of these lines. How to trade with Instantaneous Trend Line Indicator? Look for BUY opportunities when: Blue lines crosses […]

Sadukey Indicator

Sadukey Forex Indicator

The Sadukey indicator is an forex trading tool that combines two digital filters on a chart in order to give us an evaluation of the current trend. The way it works is really simple, as it just puts various height rectangles over the candlesticks. The higher they are, the greater the strength of the trend […]

Lucky Stars Trading System

The Lucky Stars is a trend-momentum intraday forex strategy based on Lucky Star VF indicator. This trading system also comes with an automatic pilot for the trade. Characteristics of the system: Currency pairs: majors or with low spreads. Timeframes: 5 min, 15 min, 30 min. Indicators involved: Lucky Star ZZ dist 1= 4, dist 2= […]