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BT Trend Trigger Indicator

BT Trend Trigger Indicator MT4

The BT Trend Trigger Indicator for MT4 serves as a helpful tool in detecting changing market trends. It can be considered a momentum gauge since these changes often happen very quickly. What’s more, forex traders looking to increase their success rate, may even use it as a confirmation for signals provided by other technical indicators. […]

Trend Direction V2 Indicator

Trend Direction V2 Indicator MT4

The Trend Direction V2 Indicator for MT4 performs an analysis in order to define the predominating market trend. Behind the scenes, it calculates past and current price data to provide real direction. These readings are presented in the form of histogram bars, which are clean and very user-friendly. The below screenshot shows the indicator in […]

Trend Bands Indicator

Trend Bands Indicator MT4

The Trend Bands Indicator for MT4 plotts two bands and a moving average in the middle. Their main goal is tracking market trends and price volatility changes. They act as good support or resistance levels, so when the price touches them, you can expect high-probability reactions. These areas are trade entry opportunities. It should look […]

Prevailing Trend Indicator

Prevailing Trend Indicator MT5

The Prevailing Trend Indicator for MetaTrader 5 simply reflects the current trend by two distinct lines. These so-called components and their setup has specific meaning, namely red one suggests bearish scenario, while the green one corresponds to bullish market. The trade signals occurs when they cross each other. Let’s see if such a basic tool […]

Breakout Bars Trend Indicator

Breakout Bars Trend Indicator MT5

The Breakout Bars Trend Indicator for MT5 simply colorizes candlesticks directly on the chart in order to provide market trend-momentum with a quick glance. This is a great way to reduce clutter in your technical analysis and improve confidence of the trading decisions. You can consider it as an alternative to moving averages that help […]

Gann Trend Oscillator MTF Indicator MT4

Gann Trend Oscillator MTF Indicator MT4

The Gann Trend Oscillator MTF Indicator MT4 (MetaTrader 4) is a robust buy/sell trend oscillator rooted in the renowned Gann trading methodology. This powerful indicator manifests as distinct colored histogram bars within an independent window. These colorful bars corresponds with trend direction in the market. This forex MT4 indicator is available for free download. Gann […]

Nduet Semaphore Trend Momentum Indicator

Nduet Semaphore Trend Momentum Indicator MT5

The Nduet Semaphore Trend Momentum Indicator for MT5 is actually a combination of two Moving Averages and the Semaphore gauge. The goal of the moving averages is to determine the trend’s direction and the Semaphore alert indicator serves as identificator of the momentum. Let’s check if this combo is really useful. Trading with the trend […]

TopTrend Indicator

TopTrend Indicator MT4

The TopTrend Indicator for MT4 was designed for breakout and trend-following trading strategies. It’s exceptionally goood at identyfing market reversals. What’s more, it displays dynamic lines and at the same time provides clear entry and exit levels. It sounds very appealing, but can this be really trusted? Let’s see how solid it can be in […]

Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator

easy trend visualizer for mt4

The Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator for MT4 is designed to display beginnings and endings of trends, as well as setups when there is no clear trend (sideways market). The calculations of the provided signals are based on the ADX (Average Direction Movement Index). Let’s see if it’s worth further attention. How to take advantage of […]

Trend Magic Indicator MT4

Trend Magic Indicator MT4

The Trend Magic Indicator MT4 provides an excellent trading solution for beginners who want to follow trends. It accurately identifies trend conditions and generates buy-sell signals on a daily basis. What’s more, it has consistently demonstrated a high-performance level in signaling forex trades over a proven period of time. Free download is available. Sounds interesting? […]