wolfe wave indicator for mt4

This is the Wolfe Wave Dashboard indicator that automatically detects Wolfe Wave patterns on any time-frame and any currency pair.

First of all, the Wolfe Wave Dashboard indicator automatically recognizes any Wolfe Wave pattern without any need for manual action on your side. And it works on every timeframe, every currency pair, every financial instrument of your choice. When a Wolfe Wave pattern has formed, it means that a trend reversal will probably occur. The next step is to wait for confirmation that the trend has already changed.

When such confirmation arrives, the Easy Wolfe Wave draws the up and down arrows on your chart. It means that there is a trade opportunity for you to consider. What’s more, the indicator also gives you sound and pop-up trade alerts.

Once a Wolfe Wave pattern has formed, the MetaTrader 4 indicator waits for a breakout trigger in the expected direction of the Wolfe Wave pattern. When that breakout happens, the indicator draws an up or down arrow on your chart, telling you that this Wolfe Wave pattern has been confirmed valid and you can proceed with your trade.

Files included:
Wolfe Waves Dashboard.ex4

Wolfe Wave Dashboard Indicator free download.

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