Forex Pros Secret Renko System

The Forex Pro’s Secret System was created for beginners that are tired of losing their money in the markets and are looking for an easy to understand, stress free trading strategy, and also for experienced traders that are looking for other ways and strategies to increase their trading accounts.

We took the time to write a very thorough Manual for the Forex Pro’s Secret System because we want everyone who uses it to be successful.

Please take the time to study and reference it while you are learning the system. Please remember, you must follow the rules if you want to be a successful trader. We know the temptation will be there to want to tweak the rules, but please don’t. Follow the plan as it’s laid out here and we are sure over time you’ll be happy with the results.

Overcoming your inability to trade the same plan every time you initiate a trade is what stands between you and becoming a successful trader.

Remember, the Forex Pro’s Secret System isn’t the “Holy Grail”. There will be losses, but if you follow the system rules, the losses should be smaller and less often than the winners and you’ll grow your trading account in the long run.

The basics of the system.

This trading system is based on utilization of the non timeframe based analysis called the Renko chart. In the Renko chart time is not of concern or time is not what causes separation of one bar/candle to another, the emphasis is on the price and the movements in pips.

Like a 10pip Renko chart will display candles that are 10 pips big and what separates one candle from another is 10pips of movement. Hence using a Renko chart the noise of timeframe based chart are removed and it shows you the chart based on the movement of the market in pips.

Few words about timeframes.

Timeframe is one easy way of losing money in Forex because if you are using a GMT Broker the candles look different, if you are using a GMT+2 broker candles look different and if you use a GMT+3 broker it looks different. So basically it’s the best way of losing money because indicator reading looks different from broker to broker, candles look different from broker to broker.

Price is all you need.

As Forex traders we only need to be concerned of one thing that is the PRICE, because that’s what we are dealing with, Price is what makes people want to buy or want to sell. Change of price is what is the deciding factor between earning and losing. When the price of a currency is low it gets into supply/demand, when the price of a currency is high it gets into selling from buyers for a profit. So we just need to be concerned with price and with pips in Forex.


Now, please sit back and make your self comfortable to read and understand every word contained therein and most importantly to do, meaning to apply what was learnt in a disciplined and diligent manner.

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