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The best MT4 indicators are waiting for you. Take your trading to next level and explore the industry’s top MT4 indicators. And the best part? All these MT4 indicators are free to download.

MACD 4C Indicator

MACD 4C Indicator for MT4

The MACD 4C Indicator for MetaTrader 4 platform is a tool created for forex traders that favor trend-momentum strategies. It informs users about recognized trends by showing four colors within colorful histogram bars. Let’s take a look how it differentiates from traditional MACD and how to apply in trading. The MACD 4C is based on […]

BT Trend Trigger Indicator

BT Trend Trigger Indicator MT4

The BT Trend Trigger Indicator for MT4 serves as a helpful tool in detecting changing market trends. It can be considered a momentum gauge since these changes often happen very quickly. What’s more, forex traders looking to increase their success rate, may even use it as a confirmation for signals provided by other technical indicators. […]

Trend Direction V2 Indicator

Trend Direction V2 Indicator MT4

The Trend Direction V2 Indicator for MT4 performs an analysis in order to define the predominating market trend. Behind the scenes, it calculates past and current price data to provide real direction. These readings are presented in the form of histogram bars, which are clean and very user-friendly. The below screenshot shows the indicator in […]

Trend Bands Indicator

Trend Bands Indicator MT4

The Trend Bands Indicator for MT4 plotts two bands and a moving average in the middle. Their main goal is tracking market trends and price volatility changes. They act as good support or resistance levels, so when the price touches them, you can expect high-probability reactions. These areas are trade entry opportunities. It should look […]

Chandelier Exit Indicator

Chandelier Exit Indicator MT4

The Chandelier Exit Indicator for MT4 is based on a very specific principle. Namely, the opproach aplied here tells to stay in a trade until a clear shift in trend is evident. This way forex traders stay away from premature exits, and at the same time, they maximize potential profits. What’s more, it also provides […]

Breakout Zones Indicator

Breakout Zones Indicator MT4

The Breakout Zones Indicator for MT4 draws support and resistance lines on the trading chart. These levels are determined by price fluctuations. The idea here is utilizing the breakout of the key zones instead of their rejections (which is typically the case). When it occurs, there are usually large swings, so potentially you can catch […]

Color MA Indicator

Color MA Indicator MT4

The Color MA Indicator for MT4 can be considered a simple trend gauge showing market’s direction together with entry and exit signals through a colored line. Surprisingly, it has pretty impressive backtest record showing improved success rate when compared to similar tools. Let’s take a further look at it. Analysis of the color ma Essentially, […]

4 MA Strength Indicator

4 MA Strength Indicator MT4

The 4 MA Strength Indicator for MetaTrader 4 generates buy and sell trading signals using, as its name suggests, a set of four moving averages. This indicator analyzes the price chart to determine both the direction and power of the ongoing trend. When it’s applied to the chart, it displays a histogram of colored bars. […]

Breakout Box Indicator MT4

Breakout Box Indicator MT4

The Breakout Box Indicator MT4 (MetaTrader 4) is a renowned forex trading tool designed to detect and delineate essential support and resistance levels on your chart. This powerful forex indicator operates by meticulously analyzing price charts and skillfully drawing boxes around significant points of support and resistance. It’s a perfect choice for traders seeking to […]

1-2-3 Reversal Points Pattern Indicator MT4

1-2-3 Reversal Points Pattern Indicator MT4

The 1-2-3 Reversal Points Pattern Indicator MT4 (MetaTrader 4) is a powerful tool designed to detect optimal forex trend reversal points using the widely recognized 1-2-3 trading pattern. This user-friendly indicator conveniently places buy and sell arrows on the chart, marking the completion of bullish or bearish trend reversal patterns. Essentially, all you need to […]