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The best MT5 indicators are waiting for you. Take your trading to next level and explore the industry’s top MT5 indicators. And the best part? All these MT5 indicators are free to download.

Order Block Locator Indicator MT5

Order Block Locator Indicator MT5

The Order Block Locator Indicator MT5 (MetaTrader 5) offers superior buy and sell signals within the forex market, pinpointing them by analyzing price exhaustion points. These order blocks represent regions where substantial orders have been executed, a result of participation from various significant market players, including banks, hedge funds, and other financial institutions. This forex […]

Chandelier Exit Cloud Indicator

Chandelier Exit Cloud Indicator MT5

The Chandelier Exit Cloud Indicator for MT5 performs analysis of price movements and in the result provides specific trend display. Essentially, this guage shows signals in the form of a colorful cloud. To be precise, there are green and pink formations that correspond to bullish and bearish market bias. This can be utilized in several […]

Breakout Zones Indicator MT5

Breakout Zones Indicator MT5

The Breakout Zones Indicator MT5 (MetaTrader 5) detects compelling zones on the chart for potential buy/sell opportunities through breakout entry signals. This indicator is displayed in the primary chart window, appearing as two horizontal lines that serve as reference points for initiating breakout trades, whether for buying or selling. This forex MT5 indicator is available […]

Prevailing Trend Indicator

Prevailing Trend Indicator MT5

The Prevailing Trend Indicator for MetaTrader 5 simply reflects the current trend by two distinct lines. These so-called components and their setup has specific meaning, namely red one suggests bearish scenario, while the green one corresponds to bullish market. The trade signals occurs when they cross each other. Let’s see if such a basic tool […]

Averages Heatmap Indicator

Averages Heatmap Indicator MT5

The Averages Heatmap Indicator for MT5 is essentially a combination of multiple moving averages giving wide perspective on market situation. It can be successfully used for determining trend strenght and direction or even stop loss and take profit levels. When you activate the gauge, it will be displayed within own window placed below main trading […]

Double Stochastic With RSI Indicator

Double Stochastic With RSI Indicator MT5

The Double Stochastic With RSI Indicator for MT5 is an interesting combination of these two popular oscillators that are by many considered the best reversal gauges. Its main principle is comparing previous and current values of the readings. The final calculations are pleasantly displayed on the charts with clear overbought and oversold areas. The idea […]

ATR Support/Resistance Levels Indicator

ATR Support/Resistance Levels Indicator MT5

The ATR Support/Resistance Levels Indicator for MT5 uses, as the name suggests, the Average True Range to define three precise support and resistance levels on trading charts. The goal of this tool is identification of key areas at which there is high-probability of strong market reactions. Levels of higher importance explained The formula behind this […]

Karpenko Cloud Indicator

Karpenko Cloud Indicator MT5

The Karpenko Cloud Indicator for MT5 is trend gauge that displays colorful cloud directly on the trading chart. These greenish and pinkish formations refelct prevailing market trends. What’s more, these special formations allows to spot potential shifts in market-driving powers. Let’s see how to utilize them. Trading signals of Karpenko Cloud indicator After you activate […]

Harmonic Pattern Finder Indicator

Harmonic Pattern Finder Indicator MT5

The Harmonic Pattern Finder Indicator for MT5 was created to scan through forex charts and detect various trading patterns with precision and engagment. For convenience, it quickly presents the findings directly on the chart. When it comes to these detections, it has pretty solid reliability. So let’s see why it’s worth your attention. Why harmonic […]

Two SMA Cross Indicator

Two SMA Cross Indicator MT5

The Two SMA Cross Indicator for MT5 is, as the name suggests, a combination of two simple moving averages. They work together to generate clean buy and sell signals directly on trading chart along with colorful visual references. It can be effectively utilized in many ways, but mainly as trade entries and exit points provider […]