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SSL Channel Chart Indicator

SSL Channel Chart Indicator MT5

The SSL Channel Chart Indicator for MT5 combines moving averages to generate trading signals. The acronym SSL stands for Semaphore Signal Level, and it offers visual indications for buy/sell signals. It presents signals for both bullish and bearish trends when the lines of the indicator cross. Free download is available at the bottom. Let’s have […]

Ehlers IFT of Smoothed RSI Indicator

Ehlers IFT of Smoothed RSI for MT5

The Ehlers IFT of Smoothed RSI Indicator for MT5 is essentially a dynamic channel displayed within own window instead directly on chart. As the name suggests, this is a sophisticaed combination of Inverse Fisher Transformation and smoothed Relative Strenght Index. Anatomy and trading suggestions As you can see it consits of two outer bands and […]