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Harmonic Pattern Finder Indicator

Harmonic Pattern Finder Indicator MT5

The Harmonic Pattern Finder Indicator for MT5 was created to scan through forex charts and detect various trading patterns with precision and engagment. For convenience, it quickly presents the findings directly on the chart. When it comes to these detections, it has pretty solid reliability. So let’s see why it’s worth your attention. Why harmonic […]

Pattern Recognition Indicator

Pattern Recognition Indicator MT5

The Pattern Recognition Indicator for MT5 is forex tool designed to detect and display candlestick patterns on your charts as soon as they emerge. This indicator is specifically developed to automatically identify and highlight candlestick patterns in real-time on your trading charts. Free download is available. When it’s activated, your chart should look more less […]

Hikkake Pattern Indicator MT5

Hikkake Pattern Indicator MT5

The Hikkake Pattern Indicator MT5, alternatively known as the Inside Day False Breakout, is a trading strategy centered around deceptive breakouts. Free download is available. Sounds interesting? Let’s take a closer look at it. Hikkake Pattern Indicator: Introduction MT5 Indicator Overview The download link of the Hikkake Pattern MT5 indicator is placed at the bottom […]