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Forex Rebellion Trading System Rules
In this section we will cover the rules for the Forex Rebellion trading system. We will cover the entry requirements and the 3 different exit strategies this system encompasses. You have your charts with the proper indicators set to the correct settings, you’re ready to start trading.

There are 4 subsections to the System Rules section.
1. Overview of indicator signals
2. Identifying Entries
3. Placing your stops
4. Exiting the trade
5. Putting it all together

Overview of Indicator Signals – Forex Rebellion
The 5 EMA
The 5 EMA shifted 5 periods is in buy or sell mode depending on which side the price is on.
We look for the price to close above the 5 EMA from below to consider a long trade. We would look for opportunities to buy.
We look for the price to close below the 5 EMA from above to consider a short trade. We would look for opportunities to sell

The EMA Crossover
The EMA Crossover indicates the direction of the very short term trend.
This indicator is made up of a 4 EMA and a 5 EMA. When they cross an arrow is shown on the chart. The actual EMA’s are not shown and this is strictly to keep the charts free of too much clutter. The arrows are unmistakable and this works very well.

When the 4 EMA crosses above the 5 EMA a blue arrow is shown below the candle that caused the crossover and this indicates a long direction. We would be looking for buy trades.

When the 4 EMA crosses below the 5 EMA a red arrow is shown above the candle that caused the crossover and this indicates a short direction. We would be looking for sell trades.

The QQE Adv
The QQE Adv is short for the Quantitative Qualitative Estimator Advanced.
This indicator is an advanced modification of the QQE, hence the QQE Adv. This powerful indicator has the ability to eliminate, or filter out, a lot of bad trades.

This indicator is fairly simple to use but does need some explanation. The QQE is essentially a smoothed RSI indicator with a signal line. The signal line is a smoothing average known as a Wilder’s Period. Together the two lines work like that of a Stochastic Oscillator or a 2 line MACD. The lines have to be in the right order on order for a trade signal to be valid. There is a line drawn through the middle of the indicator window and this is called the 50 line. The trade signal is given when the RSI line crosses the 50 line and the 2 lines are in the right order.

The area above the 50 line is referred to as the “Buy Zone” and the area below the 50 line is known as the “Sell Zone”

A trade to the long side happens when the RSI line crosses above the 50 line from below and the signal line is below the RSI line.

A trade to the short side happens when the RSI line crosses below the 50 line from above and the signal line is above the RSI line.

Download all files and read the whole users manual below:

Forex Rebellion Trading System free download:

To download the Forex Rebellion Trading System for Metatrader 4 (MT4) for free just click the button below:


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