Isakas Sekelper Trading System is a nice forex scalping strategy designet for metatrader platform. It uses HMA30, HMA50 NonLagDot30 and the FX_FISH_Mode indicators. What’s interesting there are no candles displayed the chart. Only the indicators are displayed and there is much less noise without standard candles. The system was designed for 5 minute timeframe or higher. Below you can find trading rules for buy and sell signals.

Long signals
When the blue points and three index below given the same color exit buy
When you achieve 30 points or turning blue dots to the red
A stop Loss 2 pips under the nearest support

Short signals
When three red dots and the index below gives the same color
exit sell
When you achieve 30 points or turning points red to blue
A stop Loss 2 pips above the nearest resistance levels

*personalized indicators are the great force of Metatrader 4.

Isakas Sekelper Trading System free download:


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