Welcome to the Super Forex Launcher strategy. You have made a very wise decision and about to unveil a powerful and consistent trading system.

In the next chapters you will learn how to trade the Super Forex Launcher system and how to use it to generate money in the Forex and other markets. First, several issues needs to be addressed:

Money Management
Do not risk more than 1-2% of your equity on any single trade. This is a standard trading principle that should be implemented in any trading system you trade, and its purpose is to limit drawdown as much as possible and make sure you don’t go into too much risk and limit your drawdown.

The Insight indicator automatically tells you the optimal trade size in any time. Please do not deviate from this values, at least until you have reach a certain level of experience.

The System
In the next chapters you will learn the system we use to generate trading signals consistently and profitably. Do not deviate from this system under any circumstances – this can lead to losses! Stick to the system and you will win in the long-term.

About the Indicators
The Super Forex Launcher is a package of 3 indicators designed to generate leading and consistent trading signals. We will now go through each and every indicator.

Launcher TRX
The Launcher TRX Indicator is a trading bands based on volatility and volume. It gives you precise support and resistance areas at which price is likely to reverse. On the upper band we will take short trades and at the lower band we will take long trades.

Launcher Insight
The Launcher Insight indicator is an indicator designed to give you valuable information about the markets – information that is usually hidden from the ordinary trader. The Insight indicator tells you if price is in range or trend, announce any sudden buying or selling pressure, and most importantly: analyzes the volume to give you early signals of trend reversal. The Insight indicator also shows you the trade size at any point, so you don’t need to calculate your risk manually.

Launcher Directional
The Launcher Directional indicator is a multifunctional trend indicator that is designed to:
a. Give you direction of the general trend in a clear way.
b. Draw exact support and resistance levels on the screen, to achieve a higher win rate for our trades and a greater profitability.

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