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Trading Magnum System

The Trading Magnum System is a forex trading system based on Heiken Ashi candles and three filters. Creators of the Trading Magnum System claims that this is trend following strategy. They call Trading Magnum a 300 pips a week system. It is easy to use as chart is clean and it gives very clear signals. One can spot entries and exits within couple of seconds. I am sure if you strictly follow the rules of this system, you can become really profitable.

Indicators included:

  • Heiken Ashi v.3
  • Trend Filter
  • Trend Direction
  • Joker Filter

How to trade with the Trading Magnum System (300 pips a week)?

You can find Trading Magnum System (300 pips a week) trading rules below.

Open BUY order when following Trading Magnum System conditions are met:

  • Joker Filter bar is green,
  • Trend filter bar is green,
  • Trend direction bar is green,
  • Heiken Ashi candle is blue,
  • Open the long trade at the opening of next bar.

Open SELL order when following Trading Magnum System conditions are met:

  • Joker Filter bar is red,
  • Trend filter bar is red,
  • Trend direction bar is red,
  • Heiken Ashi candle is red,
  • Open the short trade at the opening of next bar.

Exit / take profit suggestions:

  • Set the initial stop loss for H1 timeframe at 15 pips below / above the entry bar, for H4 timeframe at 25 pips above / below the entry bar,
  • Take profit when Joker filter changes direction or ratio 1.2 of stoploss.

Trading Magnum System free download

To download the Trading Magnum System (300 pips a week) for MT4 just click the button below:


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