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The white Candlesticks are ABOVE the 2 EMA lines (Yellow and Gold). (Section 1)
The momentum line is BELOW 100 BUT positively starting to move UPWARDS. (Section 2)
Stoch Blue line starts to climb ABOVE the red line, at a sharper angle. (Section 3).

The white Candlesticks are BELOW the 2 EMA lines (Yellow and Gold). (Section 1)
The momentum line is ABOVE 100 BUT positively starting to move DOWNWARDS. (Section 2)
Stoch Blue line starts to fall BELOW the red line, at a sharper angle. (Section 3)

Stop levels and Take Profit levels depend on the timeframe you are using.
If you wish to scalp (highly effective) Then I suggest the M5 chart with a TP of 10 pips and a stop of 7 pips.

In the package you will find following files:

Manual System:
Heiken Ashi.x4
Moving Averages.x4
VerifiedTrader.pdf ( User’s manual )
Slope Direction.ex4
Line Spread_Detective.ex4
Target.ex4 ForexPerfect_Com.ex4
VerifiedTraderGuide.pd ( User’s manual )
VT-BinaryCode.pdf ( User’s manual )

Videos Download Links.text
Five Links.
Videos is split into 5 .RAR files (@350mb)

Verified Trader Full System free download:


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