The 7Stealth are a set of three forex indicators that work together to generate powerful trading signals:

  •  7Stealth BuySell V2.ex4
  • 7Stealth Earlybird V1.ex4
  • 7Stealth LCD V2.ex4

First one – 7Stealth BuySell V2.ex4 is shown on the seperate window below main chart. It recognizes two market conditions: uptrend and downtrend. If there is green horizontal line it means we have uptrend. If there is red horizontal line it means we deal with downtrend.

Second one – 7Stealth Earlybird V1.ex4 displays buy and sell arrows. It is easy as it seems. Look for buy orders when you see arrow pointing up and look for sell orders when there is arrow pointing down.

Last one – 7Stealth LCD V2.ex4 is also located below main screen. It is responsible for detecting very important state of the market whether it is tradable or shoud be avoided.

7Stealth indicators free download:


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