easy trend visualizer for mt4

The Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator for MT4 is designed to display beginnings and endings of trends, as well as setups when there is no clear trend (sideways market). The calculations of the provided signals are based on the ADX (Average Direction Movement Index). Let’s see if it’s worth further attention.

How to take advantage of this trend visualizer?

After you load the indicator in the chart, you’ll notice buy/sell arrows, colored candlesticks and horizontal lines – these lines usually occurs at the critical supply and demand zones. They are key trading areas that should be utilized effectively.

easy trend visualizer example chart

It’s recommended to trade with the direction bias, so you face less troubles. The reversals are more confused are risky in general.

As first step, identify a recent horizontal line which is our starting point. Then depending on the price movements and calculations, an upward or downward arrow should appear and this is a trigger for opening a trade. Afterwards, a few next candlesticks will be colorized to blue (for bullish momentum) or red (for bearish momentum). This is essential part when you ride the trend-momentum and get profits.

The best results are usually achived when the price is pushing firmy in the given direction. If you observe some kind of indecision, you can consider exiting that trade.

ride the trend example

In the above example, you can see how well it went when almost each consecutive bar made significant move. Of course, after such meaningful rise, you should expect exhaustion and observe price action to exit a trade.

Important note regarding current bar repainting

The accuracy of the Trend Visualizer is good, but not perfect. Most importantly, the current bar tends to repaint, thus is better to not jump in at the current bar. The past candles are free from redrawing, so it’s wise to wait out that one. Also, don’t forget to always apply a stop-loss level that minimizes potentian losses. Other than that, it’s a pretty solid forex indicator.

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