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Sadukey Indicator

Sadukey Forex Indicator

The Sadukey indicator is an forex trading tool that combines two digital filters on a chart in order to give us an evaluation of the current trend. The way it works is really simple, as it just puts various height rectangles over the candlesticks. The higher they are, the greater the strength of the trend […]

Double RSI Trading Signals Indicator MT5

We often refer to the double RSI trading signals indicator for Metatrader 5 as “RSI with RSI”. Two different RSI periods generate both entry and exit signals on any financial instrument. The indicator is expressed by orange and blue dots. The two dots are positioned above or below the candlesticks, as you can see on […]

Closing Price Reversal Indicator

Closing Price Reversal Indicator for MT4

Introduction to the Closing Price Reversal Indicator The Closing Price Reversal Indicator is based on a very simple concept as it seeks for Price Action Closing Price Reversal Pattern. When the Closing Price Reversal indicator detects that pattern, it will give a signal in the form of a dot. The best way of trading with that […]