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Order Block Locator Indicator MT5

Order Block Locator Indicator MT5

The Order Block Locator Indicator MT5 (MetaTrader 5) offers superior buy and sell signals within the forex market, pinpointing them by analyzing price exhaustion points. These order blocks represent regions where substantial orders have been executed, a result of participation from various significant market players, including banks, hedge funds, and other financial institutions. This forex […]

Chandelier Exit Cloud Indicator

Chandelier Exit Cloud Indicator MT5

The Chandelier Exit Cloud Indicator for MT5 performs analysis of price movements and in the result provides specific trend display. Essentially, this guage shows signals in the form of a colorful cloud. To be precise, there are green and pink formations that correspond to bullish and bearish market bias. This can be utilized in several […]

Breakout Zones Indicator

Breakout Zones Indicator MT5

Goal of the Breakout Zones Indicator for MT5 is scanning charts for the special zones with high-probability opportunities. These levels are displayed in the form of two horizontal lines serving as reference points for the potential trades. What’s more, they are both based on specific time interval, thus apply only for a specific slice of […]

ATR Support/Resistance Levels Indicator

ATR Support/Resistance Levels Indicator MT5

The ATR Support/Resistance Levels Indicator for MT5 uses, as the name suggests, the Average True Range to define three precise support and resistance levels on trading charts. The goal of this tool is identification of key areas at which there is high-probability of strong market reactions. Levels of higher importance explained The formula behind this […]

Fibonacci Arc Indicator

Fibonacci Arc Indicator MT5

The Fibonacci Arc Indicator for MT5 plotts dynamic curved lines that traders can utilize as price channel or even as support/resistence levels. The formula behind this tool includes Fibonacci-based calculations. Let’s check some effective ways to introduce it to real trading – golden ratio strategies always provide interesting prospects. We’ll explore few approaches to find […]

ADR Indicator

ADR Indicator MT5

The ADR (Average Daily Range) Indicator for MT5 is a dedicated tool that caculates and provides expected market range. These boundaries are defined directly on the trading chart and serve as a good reference points – you can think about them in terms of support and resistance levels. They can be very handy in taking […]

VWAP Indicator MT5

VWAP Indicator MT5

The VWAP Indicator MT5 indicator calculates the average price of a currency pair by taking into account the trading volume and is available to free download. It’s an indicator used by traders to determine market volume and is represented by three lines on a chart. The VWAP acronym stands for Volume Weighted Average Price. Sounds […]